Management of calcified cephalohaematoma


Calcified cephalohaematoma is cephalohaematoma that is calcified.

Cephalohaematoma is haematology under the periosteum and teh outer table of skull. This occurs following instrumented assisted child birth.


Natural History

Cephalohaematoma usually resolve spontaneous. However, rarely they can become calcified. The calcification occurs along the elevated periosteum.



Wong C et. al classified calcified cephalohaematoma in to two groups.


  • Type I 
  • Type II


Type I

Here the calvarium under the cephalohaematoma maintains it normal contour.


Type II

Her teh calvarium under teh cephalohaematoma buckles inside and the thus encroached into the the intracranial space.



Calcified cephalohaematoma have been reported to resolve spontaneously. Wong et al advocate surgical intervention only for type cephalohaematoma. They  referenced two techniques.


  • Flip-over Bull’s-eye technique
  • Cap radial craniotomy technique













Wong, C., Foo, C., & Seow, W. (2006). Calcified cephalohematoma: classification, indications for surgery and techniques. J Craniofac Surg, 17(5), 970–979.


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