Stealth Station 7 & 8: how to add a 3D-skull model to view skull landmarks

If you are using Metronics Stealth Station 7 or 8, then you could have a 3D reconstruction of the head in one of the windows. The default ‘registration’ 3D model is optimised to show the skin. However, on occasions, it would be helpful to have a 3D reconstruction of the skull, to view the skull landmarks e.g. sutures. This would be particularly useful for locating the coronal sutures when planning a burr hole for endoscopic third ventriculostomy.


Create a ‘skull’ model


To create a skull model, click on the menu item ‘Model’; then click to ‘create’ a new model. You would then be presented with a dialogue asking which type of model you wish to create. On the presented dialogue, there would be a number of options. Please use the ‘skull’ model. This should create 3D model of the skull.


If the 3D-skull model is not apparent, you might have to change the settings for the contrast to bring out the skull. Once you see the 3D-model of the skull, save it. Then choose this ‘3D skull model’ and unselect the default ‘registration’ model. Click also to choose ‘3D’ instead ‘2D’. Now, when you go back to the main screen you will see the skull 3D-model.

G Narenthiran
August 07, 2022

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