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Prominent external proturberance in Craniosynostosis
Dec 2nd 20

Prominent external occipital protuberance could be primary or, due to enthesophyte of the tendons attached to the external occipital protuberance .  ReferencesShahar D, Sayers MG. A morphological a ...

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Mode, Modal Class, Modal Category in Medical Statistics
Mar 23rd 20

Overview Mode, modal class and modal category are similar statistics that relate to the 'most popular' data point within data-sets. Mode If the data that you have collected is numerical, the mode is ...

Bimodal distribution
Sonic Hedgehog type
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Descriptive Statistics in Medical Statistics
Mar 21st 20

Overview Descriptive statistics is a collection of statistical tests that describe the basic statistics of the data. Table 1 summarises the statistics that constitute descriptive statistics.   ...

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Normal distribution in Medical Statistics
Mar 20th 20

Normal distribution is a type of statistical distribution. It is also called Gaussian distribution. When you plot the data which has a normal distribution against its frequency (e.g. height on the ...

D'Agostino-Pearson omnibus normality test
Normal distribution
Normality tests
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Types of data in Medical Statistics
Mar 16th 20

All the time when we undertake research or audit we collect data. The data may be simple such as age of patients or gender of patients. The data we collect may be complex: the Glasgow Coma score at ...

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Statistical Distributions in Medical Statistics
Mar 16th 20

Introduction Statistical calculations often appear mystical as though plucked from mid-air. Statistical calculations are in fact based on the mathematical pattern of events. These mathematical ...

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Quadrigeminal arachnoid cyst in Arachnoid cysts
Mar 13th 20

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Ependymal cysts in Cysts
Mar 12th 20

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Familial Macrocephaly in Craniosynostosis
Dec 23rd 20