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LOVA in Adult hydrocephalus
Nov 9th 22

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Arrested hydrocephalus
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Papille classification in CSF
May 7th 22

The Burstein, Papille et. al classification of germinal matrix haemorrhage was based on cranial ultrasound findings in neonates.The classification has 4 grades.   Grade Ihaemorrhage within the ge ...

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IDH mutation in Oncology
Dec 9th 21

Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) is an enzyme in the Kreb cycle. IDH mutations are see in brain tumours. The IDH mutations are associated with better prognosis. IDH are seen more in secondary ...

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Hydrocephalus in paediatric posterior fossa tumours in Craniosynostosis
Dec 7th 21

Hydrocephalus is often associated with paediatric posterior fossa tumours. About 75% of patients at the time of presentation have hydrocephalus. Following resection of posterior fossa tumours, 1/3 of ...

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Chiari and tics in Malformations
Sep 7th 21

Chiari I has protean clinical manifestations (1). Tics in patients with Chiari I malformation is very rare; in these cases, it is thought that the Chiari I malformation and the tic are unrelated. ...

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Management of calcified cephalohaematoma in Craniosynostosis
Jul 16th 21

DefinitionCalcified cephalohaematoma is cephalohaematoma that is calcified.Cephalohaematoma is haematology under the periosteum and teh outer table of skull. This occurs following instrumented ...

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Levels of Evidence in Medical Statistics
Jan 16th 21

There are currently several classifications for levels of evidence. The following is a classification cited in the Journal of Neurosurgery (Editorial. JT Rutka).Evidence LevelDescriptionIi) Randomised ...

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Prominent external proturberance in Craniosynostosis
Dec 2nd 20

Prominent external occipital protuberance could be primary or, due to enthesophyte of the tendons attached to the external occipital protuberance .  ReferencesShahar D, Sayers MG. A morphological a ...

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Mode, Modal Class, Modal Category in Medical Statistics
Mar 23rd 20

Overview Mode, modal class and modal category are similar statistics that relate to the 'most popular' data point within data-sets. Mode If the data that you have collected is numerical, the mode is ...

Bimodal distribution
Sonic Hedgehog type
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Descriptive Statistics in Medical Statistics
Mar 21st 20

Overview Descriptive statistics is a collection of statistical tests that describe the basic statistics of the data. Table 1 summarises the statistics that constitute descriptive statistics.   ...